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Yes, LinkedIn Is Worth $1B

I've already criticized blogs that fall all over themselves for a scoop that's not in any way newsy or surprising. But at least they are telling you news. Even worse are blogs that re-purpose news without any additional insight or analysis. In the name of good karma, I won't link or call anyone out. But I don't think it's too much to ask to give people a reason to read your blog.

I am not giving people the news that LinkedIn is raising a round of capital and wants a nosebleed valuation. Again, like Twitter, not a surprise they can. Like Ning, Slide etc, not a surprise they are using Allen & Co. to do so. Like everyone else in the Web scene: LinkedIn is making a statement it's going it alone versus pimping for an acquisition, so put them in the column with Ning, Slide, Facebook, etc. (All of which are in my book, so Go Team Once-You're-Lucky-Twice-You're-Good!)

But I am giving you more than the wishy-washy "We'll-all-find-out-together!" analysis: Yes, LinkedIn is worth $1 billion.

Yeah, Cause Mark Zuckerberg Is the *Only* One

This is wrong. Not in the moralistic kinda way, but there's no way this methodology is good. From the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation:

Based on a study taken of U.S. entrepreneurs, who founded their companies between 1995-2005, it found the median age of U.S. born founders was 39 years-old, with only 1 percent

launching their company as teen-agers

. And for those in their 50s, there's still hope - twice as many folks in this age group founded a tech company than those in their early 20s, according to the study.

Impressive Feat by SAI

I'm very busy earning my three-day-a-week keep at Yahoo this way-too-early Monday morning, but I hope to carve out some time to go through Silicon Alley Insider's SAI 25 index today. It's a list of the 25 most valuable private digital companies. Folks, these things are hard to produce. For one thing, getting the real numbers can be an Oceans 11-heist-style feat of reporting. Plus, a private company is typically valued on its potential not its revenues-- or even more subjective, it's valued on what it's worth for others to put money in the company. (i.e. Facebook, Microsoft and that $15 billion valuation)

While Facebook is no. 1 on the list-- at $9 billion, not $15 billion-- there are some surprises.

Twitter Raises $20 M? That's News, Why?

Twitter has raised between $15 m and $20 m according to Cnet. Twitter's next round of cash has been a subject of much blogging and speculation and scrambling around trying to get the scoop. I haven't been doing any of that, frankly. Because "scoops" are only interesting when they're surprising and Twitter raising a fat round of venture capital is in no way surprising.

Four reasons follow on the jump.

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