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Final Nail in that Microsoft-Buys-Facebook Coffin

VentureBeat, BusinessWeek and TechCrunch all report Facebook has raised another $100 million in debt. I-bankers and Wall Street kids, come up with a new rumor of how Microsoft is going to spend that $40 billion burning a hole in its pocket. Facebook is playing for keeps.

I Wish I Had Five Me's

Because I have so many half written blog posts!! So busy today at Yahoo and squeezing in all kinds of book stuff in tiny nooks and crannies in the day. (BTW- my husband loathes the phrase "nooks and crannies" so that was meant to make him not miss me while I'm in NYC. He prefers to eat English muffins at restaurants where he doesn't have to see the packaging-- that's how much he hates it!)

So while you wait for me to have five seconds, enjoy my latest Yahoo video with Peter Burrows. Peter is an incredibly sharp BusinessWeek reporter who has covered Apple for like a jillion years. Unlike most reporters who have "covered Apple" he actually has interviewed Steve Jobs many times. We filmed a few segments on his BW cover about Apple's gains in the corporate market, despite itself. Which, of course, means Fake Steve Jobs should be writing something horribly nasty about me... right... about... now.....

(also: notice I am tagging anything about Apple with the TypePad pre-set "religion" tag.)

(btw: if i had five mes, i'd just make them work in the house all day. i wouldn't actually subject the world to that much sarah.)

I School the Yahoo "Knobs" on Facebook...Again!

All East Coast-West Coast smack talking aside, it's always fun to be here for a few days. Somehow I walk onto set with Henry or Aaron and my sleepy, red-eye jet lag just washes away! (BTW- we hope to have a very special guest at the Nasdaq tomorrow! If you are reading this, please don't bail!) Watch for the 2:30 mark when I got all Henry-Blodget-spazzy on Aaron!! I think HE brings it out in people!

Btw- it occurred to me after this segment that Zuckerberg may be back in the US for the Time 100 dinner....but he was out of the country. I swear!! Either way, I don't think he's been running back and forth between Google and Microsoft ramping up a bidding war.

Um, What about the Board?

Henry calls out something important in this Tech Ticker video: That there is never enough criticism of public company boards in matters like YHOO-MSFT. When I was a guest on KQED's Forum back when Microsoft first announced its intention to buy Yahoo, everyone was heaping derision on Terry Semel for getting Yahoo in this position. Said Sarah at the time: What about the board who didn't replace him? Similarly, Henry points out that TechCrunch's rumors that Jerry Yang could get replaced are silly. If shareholders' interest were indeed neglected, Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock should be the one held accountable, not Yang. (Or at least not just Yang.)

Show of Hands: Who Believes Gates?

Anyone? Not me.

Bill Gates told the AP that Microsoft isn't going to buy anyone. They are "going it alone" with their strategy. OK, let's pretend for a second that's true: Why would you make a point to tell us all that? (cricket, cricket)

Let's pretend for a second it's not true: Why would you tell us all that?
1. If the street becomes convinced no deal is in the offing; stock falls for Yahoo/AOL/anyone else they're eyeing.
2. Makes employees feel like they didn't lose by not buying Yahoo, i.e. they have a Web strategy.

If Henry is right and Microsoft has truly soured on Yahoo, I wonder if they go back to a focus on modernizing their dusty, cobwebby on premise/ desktop software business. [Pssssst, Steve Ballmer! Call Marc Benioff! I bet he'd be a lot cozier than Jerry Yang. Just remember it's Hawaii time where he is.]

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