Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: Chapter 1 Excerpt

Anyone who thinks they know entrepreneurship should read Sarah Lacy's brilliant, crazy, cocky book. Being an entrepreneur is about thriving in chaos, and there's no more opportunity and chaos than in the emerging world right now. Yet for all the talk about the emerging world, only this book brings you a true-to-life account of the on-the-ground struggle to create something huge. In this engaging read, Lacy will change the way you see the world. Anyone with a pulse should read this book.
Brilliant. Crazy. Cocky.

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An unforgettable portrait of the emerging world's entrepreneurial dynamos Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky is the story about that top 1% of people who do more to change their worlds through greed and ambition than politicians, NGOs and nonprofits ever can. This new breed of self-starter is taking local turmoil and turning it into opportunities, making millions, creating thousands of jobs and changing the face of modern entrepreneurship at the same time. To tell this story, Lacy spent forty weeks traveling through Asia, South America and Africa hunting down the most impressive up-and-comers the developed world has never heard of....yet.

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Srah Lacy

Sarah Lacy is an award-winning reporter who has covered high-growth entrepreneurship for more than fifteen years. She is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of, the site-of-record for the startup ecosystem. She lives in San Francisco.

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