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Sprinting for the End of the Year

I am exhausted. I think I have parasites in my sides. And I keep getting a low-grade fever and some mild neck pain. After the year I've had, I have no idea what might be in my system. But somehow I think the calendar magically turning January 1, 2011 will mean I'm recovered from the book and all better. Maybe that's silly, but I'm clinging to it. Just have to make it through December.

I have some changes in my life. You know, again. In addition to other stuff, I've taken over daily video duties for TechCrunchTV. Go here to check it out. I wasn't dying to put on makeup every day, but it's a really fun shift after the heavy research, travel and writing of the book-- the same way my Yahoo show was after the first book. And I love working around the corner from Mr. Lacy after two years of working halfway around the world from him. But getting in the daily rhythm of blogging, daily videos, still doing some travel and wrapping up all these book edits has been a big challenge. I'm better at book writing than blogging or video, for sure. In the old media world I was super productive. In the new media world I barely produce anything. And I'm producing more now. But who wants a job that's easy, right? 

I am really excited to go home to Memphis for a few weeks at Christmas. IN PART because my amazingly talented brother is making me a new action figure. He made me one a few years ago called Sarah Lacy Girl Reporter that made my mundane life in Silicon Valley sound comic-book-worthy. Then, he made an action figure for my husband that was even more amazing. Now, he's making a Sarah Lacy Girl Reporter World Traveler Edition action set, and I can't wait to see it.

My brother excels at designing the packaging and the accessories that go with the figure. Mr. Lacy's had a camera, a tiny bottle of Jager (with real Jager in it), a frying pan because the only meal he cooks is breakfast, a hammer because he was doing a lot of work on our house, some records from his DJ days and little mini-copies of his Sadkids photo zines.

The packaging of my first action figure had these awesome comic-book like panels depicting me, say, taking the chopper to Sand Hill Road. My brother told me this one has travel photos, ala, me in Rwanda:


Amazing. He asked Mr. Lacy to take a picture of his action figure-- I think so it'll be in the Skype window on my action figure's laptop. Are you kidding me??? My brother should get paid thousands of dollars to make these for the egomaniac who has everything. 


Sarah Lacy’s entertaining and informative tour of the world’s fastest growing economies undeniably proves what we’ve known at Endeavor for more than a decade: that impressive and inspiring Entrepreneurs can truly come from anywhere! In taking us on a whirlwind journey bursting with frenetic energy – matched only by that of the amazing entrepreneurs she meets – Lacy gives us an important glimpse into the future of the global economy – a place where the craziest, high-impact entrepreneurs from anywhere and everywhere set the pace.
Brilliant. Crazy. Cocky.

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An unforgettable portrait of the emerging world's entrepreneurial dynamos Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky is the story about that top 1% of people who do more to change their worlds through greed and ambition than politicians, NGOs and nonprofits ever can. This new breed of self-starter is taking local turmoil and turning it into opportunities, making millions, creating thousands of jobs and changing the face of modern entrepreneurship at the same time. To tell this story, Lacy spent forty weeks traveling through Asia, South America and Africa hunting down the most impressive up-and-comers the developed world has never heard of....yet.

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Sarah Lacy is an award-winning reporter who has covered high-growth entrepreneurship for more than fifteen years. She is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of, the site-of-record for the startup ecosystem. She lives in San Francisco.

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