Oh, Right, *This* Is How I Gained So Much Weight...

I am not pregnant. No. 5 on this post was something totally different, and I still can't tell you what it is. But you'll notice I have done nothing to dissuade rumors that I am pregnant. Because the other alternative--the true one-- is that I just gained a noticeable amount of weight researching my book. Pre-book I ran regularly, saw a pilates trainer four times a week and did juice cleanses, but forty weeks on the road was...well, the opposite of all that. 

Aside from clothes not fitting, I haven't been that upset about it. After all, MadMen bodies are in vogue these days, and I'm slowly taking the weight back off. I was trying to tell someone the other day at a party that I thought being in the air for 40 hours a month had some sort of chemical effect on metabolism, because I swore that I didn't eat *that* much worse when I was traveling and I was certainly getting plenty of exercise running around crazy slumspygmy villages and Chinese mega-cities, riding camels and elephants, being chased by baboons etc. 

Somewhere around my second pitcher of Tiger beer and 15th satay last night I admitted to myself that's total BS. 


I mean yum. This was outside in a food-court like open market with a light rain drizzling down. We also had some fried rice and a stingray cooked in a decadent spicy sauce-- the kind that leaves your mouth tingling in just the right ways. 

Earlier, I had a delicious masala dosa in Singapore's Little India, but I was so hungry I devoured it before I could take a picture. Now, I'm on the hunt for this guy:



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Unless you snuck some of those satay skewers home in your pocket, and grubbed on them late night, I'd say you demonstrated remarkable self-restraint (at least on the food consumption, that is).

-the sweaty guy in the background

I wouldnt say Singapore's foods are nice, their foods are practically tasteless as they were controlled by the Singapore's government - better health for their citizen.

If you spend sometime hanging around in the neighbor country malaysia, you will know what i mean. If Singapore 's food are awesome, malaysian food are heavenly awesome :D

Welcome to Singapore. You might want to check out this.

Chilli Crab! Yum!I hope you also had Chicken Rice, Chilli Prawn and Fish Head Curry! I miss Singapore. Great WITN "issue" by the way!

Chilli Crab! Yum! I hope you also had Chicken Rice, Chilli Prawn and Fish Head Curry! I miss Singapore and your post just reminded me of how much I miss it! Great WITN "issue" by the way!

Chilli Crab! I hope you also tried Chicken Rice, Chilli Prawn and Fish Head Curry! YUM! I miss Singapore and your post just reminded me of that! Great WITN " issue" by the way!

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