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Labotomy, Party of One

Sick of my complaining about writing this book? Lucky for you, it's almost over! My book is due August 1-- less than a week from today! From now until then, I am spending every moment obsessing over every stupid word. Somehow, it is coming together, will make sense, will be delivered on time, will be chock-full of awesome entrepreneur stories and will be the right length. I'm not sure how that all happened, given this was a project only a masochist could have pitched to a publisher.

Meantime, here is a picture of me riding patrol on a narco-bust with the policia in Medellin last week...


Well THAT Took Ten Years Off My Life

Another week like last week, and I won't finish this book on time. I am happy to say that after working all weekend I *finally* finished the Brazil section of the book. It is too long, but full of passion and life, just like the country.

I didn't move much from this spot all weekend, save a few parties on the 4th: 


Last week was made doubly tough because I had waaaaay too many parties and dinners with old friends. That is stopping NOW. I am a day behind on my schedule, and I have to catch up. This week it's just gym-book writing-TechCrunch-sleep. (That last one is a maybe.)

This week I'm writing about Indonesia, another a place I could have used another trip to, but I'm out of time and money. Next week, I am  headed to Colombia with the State Department and hopefully finishing my Rwanda chapter on the road or I'll get horribly behind *again.* Only four more weeks!

A Glimpse of What Will Make TCTV Different

TechCrunchTV launched this week and while I wish I'd been able to play more of an active role with it, I did make one *huge* contribution-- convincing Paul Carr he wanted the job of running it and convincing Mike to hire him.

TechCrunchTV is an iterative startup within a startup, and it will develop week-after-week as the team learns how to be an online network, not just people sitting in front of a camera. But this show below is the best example up so far that shows why the network will be different than all the other tech video blogs out there and why hiring a non-traditional guy like Paul to run it was the right move.

It's the first episode of Cyan Banister's show that takes a deep look into the psychology of entrepreneurship by exploring the hidden talents and passions of some famous people in our world. (I told Cyan at dinner earlier this week that my dream was to be famous enough that she would do a show on my award winning and unknown talent for cooking fried chicken.)

I've seen Eric Lewis perform in Silicon Valley and in London and was already a big fan. But as I'm currently trapped in tar pit of extreme pain and self-doubt of finishing this book, I found this interview particularly inspiring.

Time for a Career Change?

This book is starting to hurt again. I am slogging through the Brazil section this week, amid too many dinners with friends I haven't seen in forever, too many bottles of wine at said dinners and too many headaches in the morning. On top of all that, this week has also become give-Sarah-tough-love-career-advice-or-writing-feedback week. I feel grateful that people I respect care enough about me to tell me what needs work in my life and writing. And I agree with a lot of it. It's just all a lot to take in at once.

So how about I ditch this whole 15-year writer career and start new with photography?

Tonight is my debut as an "emerging photographer." My husband Geoff--an actual successful photographer--self-publishes Zines of his work that are sold around the world and typically sell out the day they are released. Several months ago he was fed up with arbitrary rules of a lot of photography contests that cap the age of an emerging artist at 34, so he decided to publish a Zine filled with photos of emerging photographers over the age of 34. He called it "Get Off My Lawn," and it started a big debate this week about arbitrary age restrictions in the art world. He didn't charge anyone included any fees, and painstakingly photo-edited, designed and printed the zine himself, just to make a statement. Even though every issue sells out, he prices them at cost just to get the work out there. He even printed 11 editions to give every artist their own cover. Everyone included has been blown away at the quality and honored to be included.

Geoff handpicked the artists himself, and it's a diverse bunch in terms of style, subject matter, hometown and level of success in the gallery world. By far the most emerging of the bunch? Me. Over the last two years I've been taking a lot of photos around the world and Geoff was kind enough to include some of my pictures from Brazil, India and Rwanda. It's the first time I've been published as an artist, and it's pretty exciting. We're having a release party for the Zine at the Cassanova tonight, so if you live in San Francisco, come by! If you are a gallery owner, feel free to discover me and take me away from my writing hell. Anyone else, feel free to just give me a hug and tell me to hang in there.

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