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When China, Russia and Day-Care Collide

It's about a week in, and I've been having quite a time in China. I found Shanghai incredibly frustrating and difficult to navigate, but I've really fallen for Beijing-- which is funny because every single person told me I'd feel the opposite way. "When are you going to stop listening to everyone? No one knows anything!" the curmudgeonly Mr. Lacy said over Skype when I told him of this stunning revelation. It's good advice except for the fact that as a reporter I'd pretty much be out of a job if I stopped listening to people. (Insert bad reporter joke here.)

Last night, we had an amazing dinner party starring Peking Duck and Mr. Kaiser Kuo, a Bejing rock star (literally), former editor for Red Herring Magazine and all around Beijing gadfly. Meeting him when you come to visit appears to be a rite of passage. And speaking of rites of passage, after dinner we went to Chocolate, a weird Russian nightclub in the Russian district of Beijing. Yes, there is such a thing. When I walked in I heard some warbling to Hotel California and excitedly said, "Oh are we karaoke-ing!?" Nope. That was just the house band. And they decided to keep coming back to that classic Eagles standard throughout the set.

Also, in this video is my fabulous traveling companion Mr. Tom Limongello. Tom and I met online (Remember when that used to sound sketchy? Ok, maybe it still does.) and he somewhat insanely volunteered to be a research assistant and China guide for free. I somewhat insanely agreed having never met him, hoping he wasn't an axe murderer. Please go follow him on Twitter NOW so he gets something out of this transaction. ;) In case anyone is wondering, I'm taking all applications for un-paid India travel companions. And no, I can't afford to pay for your travel. Also, I can't promise sketchy Russian clubs, I don't even know if India has a Russian district. But I can promise having to answer, "What time is our first meeting tomorrow?" over-and-over again and that you'll meet lots of cool companies. Don't all apply at once!

NOTE: If you feel bad for the tiny girl watching the racy pseudo-strip show, don't worry. There was a kids section to the bar.

When China, Russia and Day Care Collide from sarah lacy on Vimeo.

Int’t Travel Tips: Tiny Bottles of Hot Sauce Come in Handy

IMG00007 Growing up in BBQ country, I think my taste buds got seared off at a young age. As a result I love things extremely spicy. I seem to remember some report that Martha Stewart stashed some herbs in her bra before she went to jail. I’m like that with hot sauce. Well, it’s not in my bra. That sounds weird and uncomfortable. But every time I see a tiny bottle of hot sauce at, say, a fancy brunch restaurant or a room service tray, I snag it for my travel backpack.

I actually ripped this idea off of Brian Solis. It’s smart: You just never know when a tiny bottle of hot sauce will come in handy. It’s about to come in handy for me in about 30 minutes. Last night was the San Francisco birthday dinner for the incomparable Brooke Hammerling, and we went through about 800 bottles of very expensive wine, much of it older than me. As a result, I’m a little achy for my flight to Shanghai. A bloody mary is definitely in order after take-off. Make that a spicy bloody mary thanks to my little friend mini-Tobasco.

Note: Tobasco is actually my least favorite hot sauce but seems to be the only one in mini-bottles.

Gone Shootin'

So first off, I know I have not been cross-posting things from Yahoo, BW and TechCrunch as I said I would. I'll do a best-of-what-I've-been-up-to round up this week, because I've been churning out a lot of content. In the meantime, here's a little gem for you. Mr. Lacy and I went to the Charles River Ventures Leadership Summit in Phoenix last week and one of the possible activities was Skeet Shooting. I signed Mr. Lacy up for that one and signed myself up for a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting. Well, you can see from this video who wears the pants in our family. We actually had bruises from that kick-back.

Note the fancy intro and please, Heart, don't sue me. I've been sitting on this beautiful piece of animation for a while. One of the many projects I was planning for this year was launching and putting all of my video projects there: Morning Don't, travel lifecasting, embeds from TechTicker and Press:Here. Alas, we had some issues with Web designers, plus starting my book and unexpectedly starting to write for TechCrunch sopped up my last bits of free time. I'm still hoping to launch it soon, and if anyone wants to do some cheap work on it, leave your info in the comments! (The site isn't going to be monetized, so there's not much of a budget. Sorry.)

Speaking of people who do excellent work for cheap, a huge shout out goes to Sophie Askew who did the amazing illustrations, and Howard Kim who did this animation and the Morning Don't Intro. Enjoy!

SarahLacy.TV Feature Presentation ep. I from sarah lacy on Vimeo.

Sarah Lacy’s entertaining and informative tour of the world’s fastest growing economies undeniably proves what we’ve known at Endeavor for more than a decade: that impressive and inspiring Entrepreneurs can truly come from anywhere! In taking us on a whirlwind journey bursting with frenetic energy – matched only by that of the amazing entrepreneurs she meets – Lacy gives us an important glimpse into the future of the global economy – a place where the craziest, high-impact entrepreneurs from anywhere and everywhere set the pace.
Brilliant. Crazy. Cocky.

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