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Oh Wait, I Didn't Mean to Say We'd Totally Buy Yahoo on the Cheap and Laugh Maniacally While Doing It...

Much ado about this Steve Ballmer "slip up" at the Gartner conference today that sent Yahoo's shares way up in anticipation that Microsoft may come back to the table. Here's a segment Paul Kedrosky-- better known around the TT studio by his rap name "P-Ked"-- and I did on TechTicker this morning. Speaking of TechTicker, a word on the degree to which we're kicking ass and taking names as Wall Street burns all around us: (from the USA Today)

"Yahoo Finance, the largest finance site on the Internet, has experienced its biggest weeks for viewership in the second half of September. Activity is up 40% on Yahoo Finance message boards. Its video news program, Tech Ticker, drew a record 2.5 million streams on Sept. 15. "People are asking what is going on, how it affects them and where it may be headed," says Yahoo Finance general manager Mark Interrante."

That's more than three-times the audience of CNBC for our not-even-one-year-old scrappy show. Boo-ya, Jim.



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Microsoft will certainly do well if it acquires Yahoo. Some of the reasons are: A great brand name on the Internet that is well established since the mid 1990s, users like me who are accustomed to doing a Yahoo search in addition to doing searches using Google, MSN, and other search engines, and a Web site with popular features like geocities, Yahoo games, and chat. In addition to 275 million Yahoo e-mail users around the world.

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