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Team TechTicker on Google's Chrome

Google's new browser is all anyone in techdom can talk about or think about today. (Except yours truly who's swamped with other stuff.) Here's a link to Walt Mossberg's Tech-Ticker write-up. He'll be on the show tomorrow to discuss.

Plus, Henry and Aaron talk about it in the video below. [Avid fans will note our new Scottrade sponsorship. Go team Yahoo Finance!]

My only side note amid the flood of coverage from every angle: Om had a nice write up on why Firefox isn't worried. I'd add to that that open source and Firefox die hards should actually be happy about this. Why? Two reasons: 1. There's been ongoing speculation that Google would buy Firefox at some point, given the cozy ad relationship of the two. Firefox has been outspoken that this wouldn't happen (see my video earlier this year with John Lilly below) and this move cements the idea that the two aren't eventually going to be one. Which leads us to reason no. 2: Google isn't doing this for the good of the Internet, it's doing it for its business and quest to discover another big revenue stream outside of paid search, ie, its ongoing war with everyone's no. 1 competitor, Microsoft.

That doesn't make Google bad in any way-- that makes them a good public company in fact. But if you believe in the mission of Firefox, Google risks becoming just another entrenched monopolist on the Web, making Firefox no less relevant, but hopefully lighting a fire under everyone to do better and innovate more.

[Warning: In the above interview, Henry goes insane at the end. Why Google's move suddenly means Mozilla should go public is beyond me! I think it's just the opposite! Its do-good, non-for-profit-ish strategy is now even more of a differentiator! Can you imagine how the stock would be selling off today if Mozilla were a public company? Those Wall Street guys and their one-track IPO minds!!]


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Don't forget though that Google had a video site too but that didn't stop it from waving its billions at YouTube and its growing popularity/userbase. Granted, YouTube needed the buyout more than FireFox does today, but it seems that Google gets what it wants, even if it already has something similar.

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