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UGBT: DC Here I Come!

So as detailed in my last post my first stop on the User Generated Book Tour will be Washington D.C.-- a city I haven't been to since an 8th grade class trip. This time around I will not be going to the Washington Monument or the White House. I will be meeting lots of entrepreneurs and Web folks!

If you work at AOL you can catch me July 17 in discussion with some other Web folks on campus. I believe they've got about 30 books to give away so either arrive early or come with a really great question and win a copy! Or if you have a copy already, bring it and I'll be happy to sign it for you! I will likely have copies for sale for $20. That's six dollars off the cover price!

Not an AOL-er? Then you can catch me here. I'll say a few words about the book and then open it up to a very interactive q&a about whatever you guys want to ask me about: the book, the web, venture capital, silicon valley, DC's entrepreneur scene, my Yahoo show, my businessweek column, whether Michael Arrington is really a jerk, whether Mark Zuckerberg ever says more than two words, whether Max Levchin ever sleeps, assorted Kevin Rose trivia, my award winning fried chicken recipe, etc, etc. Just kidding on the fried chicken! That's a family secret. But, yes, I will answer questions about the SXSW lynch mob if anyone exists who isn't utterly bored by the topic by now.

I'm told that the Scoble-Gary Vee double header drew 400 people, so I can only hope I get some of that DC love too!

I'll also have books for sale there, and if you buy, say, three or more copies you get a T-shirt! (This is pursuant to getting the T-shirts in time...feel free to harass @sadkids on Twitter who is supposed to be designing them while I'm in LA today!)

I've been incredibly wowed by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm from DC's tech scene so I'm coming in with high expectations! We've got to kick this thing off right!


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May have to Qik this live. With your permission of course.

We're happy to have you, Sarah! If anyone working at AOL wants to come to the on campus event, email me (find me in Outlook). It's kind of a closed session for Commerce & Marketplace, but I'll hook you up. Sarah, if I buy 30 books, do I get a t-shirt?

Very glad to have you, Sarah. At the time of this posting the Twin Tech event had about 275 RSVPs, and I'm sure with your rockstar mojo we'll easily beat the boys from last week! Don't rub it in Robert and Gary's faces if we do though...especially Gary's...he's very sensitive :P

Awesome news to hear. I've told some folks about your book and am glad for this chance to have my copy signed!

Can I still get a t-shirt? :)

Looking forward to this Thursday!

hey ken-

thanks for spreading the word!!

yes on the shirts, but i may not have them in time. they're fresh from my illustrator. i will totally mail you one though. they are AMAZING!

see you this week!

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