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Apparently Hell Froze Over While I Was out of Town

Lots of things changed. We got a new teleprompter at Yahoo and it cuts off words sometimes. Yahoo also got new shiny black commuter shuttles. And apparently, John "Cranky" Dvorak finally got a Twitter account. Note the abuse he HEAPED on me for using Twitter on my last Cranky Geeks appearance. Note to self: Don't believe a word he says ever. He apparently hasn't gotten on the whole embeddable video bandwagon so you have to click through to watch. Maybe if I leave town again, they'll fix that.


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The thing about Dvorak, though, is that he knows when he poo-poo's something, it's probably going to go big. Blogging is something that he was way against in the beginning, and look at it now.

His joining Twitter is just confirmation that "Dvorak's Law" is still valid.

How about you look at it like you won him over?

Claim victory! He even dragged Rupley in...

hopefully he'll pooh-pooh my book next...wait, i think he did that on my first CG appearance.

Sarah, you're absolutely right. And now he's a FIEND, I tell you! :P But I'm not going to look the gift-horse in the mouth--he upped my followers this morning to over a hundred in mere minutes! The man is a god. ;)

@brooks: he said next time i came on CG he was going to read all my "inane" twitters. maybe i'll read his on tech ticker.

I think that's only fair. :P

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